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Breaking News!! Shah Rukh Khan Donates 45 Crores To Pakistan

Shah Rukh Khan Donates 45 crores to Pakistan IS still a question mark on INDIAN Government. King Khan is a hero of bollywood still such allegation made his public image into danger.

Watch Out Shah Rukh Khan Viral Video For Donating 45 Crores To Pakistan

From the sources we came to know that SRK is helping Pakistan due to some internal reasons. Now a days it is trending everywhere whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that why SRK is helping such country which is against Our nation “INDIA”. We all know about the terrorist attack done by pakistan on INDIA since many years.

Lets hope and pray that SRK is safe and its all rumour we don’t have any authentic report about this donation. It is good to take initiative towards such kind of needy peoples but for Pakistani’s it’s not good because we all know about their strategies and tactics which they usually try to use on our nation.

For more updates on SRK.. Stay tuned !!

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