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Dear Bollywood, don’t you set out revamp these notable Sridevi films

Dear Bollywood, don’t you set out revamp these notable Sridevi films

Sridevi is gone and all we have left with are her 300 films to remember her by. It’s so heartbreaking that within a few hours one of the legends of Bollywood, left us grieving for her.

Not that she was often seen on big screen lately, but the fact that she was doing some of the best films in the coming years, was making us really hopeful of good cinema. But Bollywood has a way of paying tribute to such legends and that makes us a bit wary that we will soon see some sub-par do-over of Sridevi’s iconic movies. But since the lady has done so many films, most of them being cult favourites, it must be difficult for filmmakers to figure out which movie to stay away from.



Surprising as it might sound, Sridevi did really confront the camera out of the blue as a youngster! Beginning at the young age of four of every 1969 in the circular segment lights of Tamil film, Sridevi, more than decades later, keeps on keeping that kid in her alive. As grown-up, she matched up with any semblance of Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth yet it was Bollywood that would drive her into a smash hit. In spite of the fact that she influenced her Bollywood to make a big appearance as a lively adolescent in 1978 she needed to endure it a couple of years before shaking the stakes. Come Himmatwala with Jeetendra (some of you may review her skipping about on a false set made up of beautiful dirt pots) and Sridevi would waltz her way into the group of onlookers’ heart. A prepared artist, she had few adversaries in the stakes of Bollywood tune and move. But, perhaps Madhuri Dixit – yet that is a furious open deliberation that will send aficionados of the two stars tumbling without end into a zone of contention. We don’t need that contention, isn’t that right?

Through the 90s, Sridevi ended up being a film industry catnip. An adaptable entertainer, she could influence you to cry similarly as she could influence you to chuckle. She knew how to relax the blow of a Sadma and a Lamhe with silly turns in a Chaalbaaz or a Mr India. It was one excite after another.

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