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Munna Michael Review: Will Nawazuddin Win Heart Of His Fans With His Dance, Read Review Before Watching A Movie

Creator: Vicky Rajani

Director: Sabbir Khan

Stars: Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nidhi Agarwal, Pankaj Tripathi

Rating: **

For Tiger Shroff, no one would say that dancers who do not know the courtyard, but who wrote ‘Munna Michael’, would you have full doubt that he knows the tricks of writing? The film starts in 1995, with the single alcoholic father’s seventy-eighty-decade formula raising the orphan child. You are amazed that at the age of 21, the face of teenager-looking Munna’s face turned into a youth Tiger Shroff.



The film starts from a very bad continuity of children’s rolling actors from childhood to youth and then there is no balance in it. As the story grows, it becomes irrational. Munna’s entry in a bar-restaurant-dance club in Mumbai is banned so that she bet on people and win wins. If he leaves Mumbai and goes to Delhi then he does the same. This is where he gives a drink to a club in a club, Mohinder (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) brother (Pankaj Tripathi), who owns the land grabbing.

The film, which claims to pay homage to Michael Jackson, will not be liked by MJ’s fans. Seeing Tiger’s Fan movie, you will feel the distance from them. fighters and dancers in every movie need to do something new now. Each of his films looks the same. Why spend time and money for the same films and why waste time? Nidhi Agarwal looks beautiful in a debut film. The talent of acting may be seen in upcoming films. Nawazuddin Siddiqui takes the role of acting on the basis of his acting talent, but in the role of Mahendra, he is completely mischievous. You can count him in the ridiculous role of his career so far.

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If you have to run two-dimensional rolls in a big budget movie to run the house then compulsions of an actor like Pankaj Tripathi can be understood, but Nawaz, who is in a convenient position, knows very well what he is doing. Sabbir Khan’s direction is loose and in the second part, he has slipped himself along with the story and the film. ‘Munna Michael’s camera work and a visual combination are very bad. Music and songs do not look like a movie from anywhere, in which the story revolves around dance. The film is too heavy to cut time. It is a film that has changed and changed the channel on TV and seen it. Even if not seen, it will not make any difference.


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