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Screening of Sachin A Billion Dreams

The nation is desperately waiting for Sachin A Billion Dreams and so on is our industry. After all everyone inspiration Sachin movie is all set to release on 26 May 2017 . All the filmstars up to greet the little master from Ranveer Singh , Aamir Khan to Shah Rukh Khan. Just because of passion of many youngsters this movie motivate them and make them ready to engage to their passion . Sachin A Billion Dreams, the ‘authorised’ bio-pic of Sachin Tendulkar gives us exactly what it promises: a glowing portrait of a sports star and a legend-in-his-lifetime, whose fortunes are connected to a billion dreams, hopes and aspirations of cricket-mad India. What you get in the 2 hours 20 minute docu-feature is Everything You Knew About Sachin Because You Didn’t Need To Ask, because practically everything he’s done on-field since he was 16 has been chronicled by breathless commentators around the world. You wish in vain for more colourful, complex off-the-field stuff, but this is not that kind of film.A picture of Aishwarya who look gorgeous in that black saree , as she walked up to sachin to exchange humble greetings.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams is thankfully not a biopic. This is a documentary not merely about the man with that name, but one narrated by him, one where he tells his own story in his own words. It is not journalistic or incisive or probing. It feels, instead, intimate – as intimate as it can feel, anyway, for a film where an audience claps and cheers alongside those who clapped and cheered live, years ago. Which is to say: it is us today applauding in time with us yesterday.

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