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Superb: Salman Khan will act as Ranbir Kapoor for next film!

Ranbir Kapoor follows Salman Khan quite a lot, if you believe that thing, do not feel good even if you do not feel good even then. Whenever the name of Ranbir and Salman comes along, it becomes the atmosphere itself.


Obviously their history is also very interesting. When Ranbir Kapoor was shooting Katrina Kaif along with Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kaha, Salman Khan’s girlfriend was Katrina Kaif.

The film also had a cameo of Salman Khan, but then all the equations changed. However, Salman Khan’s tubelight has been flopped and Salman is going to return the money to the film distributors.

And learning from Salman, now Ranbir Kapoor is going to do something similar. It is worth mentioning that Ranbir Kapoor’s career has been going on for quite some time. Two days later, Jagga Detector is releasing but Ranbir has made a backup of the film.

It is believed that Ranbir Kapoor distributors will return the money put on the film if the film does not go. On this condition, the film has probably got distributors. It is worth mentioning that Ranbir Kapoor is also making Jagga Spokes.


Interestingly, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are seen in this film. When the film started, both of them were together and now both have separated. Ranbir, however, learned not only this from Salman, there is quite a bit common between the two –

Salman Khan, 20-year-old

Ranbir Kapoor is going through a very bad phase for a long time. Besharam, Bombay Velvet and Tamasha have somewhere left them somewhat faded. We are just waiting to see when Ranbir Kapoor will also come in his Sultan form, because Ranbir Kapoor is the 20-year-old Salman Khan.


Mummy’s love

Is both Mumma’s boy. By the way, there are half the boys in the world but half of the boys in the world do not have a mummy boy at the age of 30. So Salman and Ranbir’s first common point.


Both Had Affair In Young Age

Both Salman and Ranbir’s affair became media headlines at a very young age. However, both of them came face to face in front of the media.

Both of them cheating

Both of them broke the trust in the relationship. Both were caught red handed. While Sangeeta Bijlani did not say anything to Salman but broke the marriage, Deepika said on National TV that Ranbir should promote condoms.

Hit as soon as breaks
After the break up, both Salman and Ranbir have seen wildly in the career. Just talk about Ranbir’s Deepika Break Up and Salman’s Ash Break Up.

Will do anything
Both of these fan clubs are superb and they are always ready to defend them. This is the reason that no matter what anyone’s image there is no flaw because their fans are ready to die on them.

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